This is how I plan to remember my favorite actor of all time. I see his face and I think of my child hood. I hear his voice and I think of the happiness it brought to me in my darkest times. He made me laugh when I never thought I would ever smile again. He helped me get through several patches in my life when I was severely depressed. He reached me when no one else could. It breaks my heart that the place he saved me from time and time again is the place I lost him to. A big part of my life died today. I found out less than 10 minutes after the first report was released. Until now I couldn’t even see straight enough to be able to read the letters on the key board. I was crying so hard I wondered if I would ever stop. It felt like I broke. That part of me fractured off and died. I will not let his legacy die with him. My children will know his face and recognize his voice from across the house. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten. The man who taught me to question everything. The man that made millions laugh. A man beyond explanation. To be in his presence was to be before a king. King of laughter and love. He ruled over the kingdom we call childhood, and he protects it still from above.

The man who told us not to fear death, but to fear an un-lived life. His life was full and he touched the lives of so many. He is not gone. His legacy lives still through the people he touched. That is what makes one truly immortal.

"Oh, Captain my Captain"


I know I don’t post often lately but that is just because of some personal crap you don’t care to know about. I am sorry for that. But for a while my posting is going to be at a stand still. One of my biggest heroes of all time and my idol Robin Williams died today. I am taking it rather hard. His antics and voices pulled me out of many-a dark place. Now he is gone. The main reason I am still here is gone. A big part of my life died today and I know it sounds ridiculous but I am mourning him like I would a family member.